No matter what time, day or night, Arrow Property Services maintains a fleet of fully stocked vehicles to service repair a leaking or broken pipe in Ottawa. We pride ourselves on being ready to respond swiftly to any emergency that may arise. Our quick response and troubleshooting skills are a trademark of Arrow Property Services.

Our service department is staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our answering service is operational after hours and will issue a service request to a plumber immediately after the call is complete. We specialize in everything from small emergency service calls to major emergency response situations, including emergency temporary repairs and permanent solutions.

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What causes burst pipes?

The most common cause of burst pipes is frozen water in the pipes. As water freezes, it expands. This can cause increased pressure on the inner walls of the pipe. These pipes can then break and leak whether they are made of metal or of PVC. Although one deep freeze may not cause a pipe to burst, repeated freezing and thawing of the water can cause undue stress on the pipe, causing damage over time.

There are several other less common reasons for burst pipes. Some pipes may simply become old and weakened in areas and can no longer stand up to the water pressure. Other pipes may be hit by machinery, particularly by backhoes on building sites, or may burst from the pressure of a tree root pushing on them.

How can you avoid burst pipes?

First, before doing any major landscaping, building or renovation, individuals should be sure they know where pipes are. They should also refrain from planting trees near water mains that enter the building. However, because most burst pipes occur in the winter, the most important way to avoid burst pipes is to keep them from freezing.

Homeowners who will be away from their homes for extended periods during the winter should keep water running at a trickle through one or two of the faucets. Another option is to turn off the main water valve and open every faucet to drain completely before leaving. Homeowners should also ensure that their pipes, particularly cold water pipes in garages, crawl spaces, and basements, are insulated. They can also leave doors open to rooms that do not receive much heat, such as small rooms in the far corners of a home.

What can professionals do to repair them?

Professionals have the knowledge and expertise to repair burst pipes correctly the first time, saving home and business owners a great deal of time, money, and hassle. They will shut off the main water valve, remove the broken part of the pipe with a special pipe cutter, and replace it with a new length of pipe before soldering it together. They can also replace burst PVC pipe using specialty valves.

Before they leave, they will turn the water supply back on, ensuring that the leak has been completely resolved. To prevent further freezing of the pipes, they can insulate the pipes. In addition, Arrow Property Services can help customers who are unsure where their pipes are burst and can locate hidden leaks. Whether the repair is indoors or outdoors, we are ready to help.