No matter what time, day or night, Arrow Property Services maintains a fleet of fully stocked vehicles to service or install a toilet in Ottawa. We pride ourselves on being ready to respond swiftly to any emergency that may arise. Our quick response and troubleshooting skills are a trademark of Arrow Property Services.

Our service department is staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our answering service is operational after hours and will issue a service request to an electrician immediately after the call is complete. We specialize in everything from small emergency service calls to major emergency response situations, including emergency temporary repairs and permanent solutions.

If you need emergency toilet service in Ottawa, don’t wait—call Arrow Property Services today at 613-489-3652 or click here

When should you replace your toilet?

If you are planning a remodel or update on your bathroom, a modern toilet should be at the top of your list for both efficiency and appearance. Other reasons include:

  • A cracked tank or bowl.
  • Too many mechanical issues or frequent repairs.
  • Consistent clogging of the toilet drain.

What are safe and professional solutions to a clogged toilet?

Our professional, experienced plumbers will evaluate your problem and apply the needed remedy to unclog the drain. This may consist of plunging the toilet, snaking the drain line, or even removing the toilet from its base if the clog is further down the drain line. Our personnel will determine if the drain is clogged due to a broken or collapsed drainpipe or if the problem is due to an underground problem outside the house, perhaps from tree roots growing into the pipes.

Our professionals should address a clogged toilet as quickly as possible to avoid potential, serious damage to your home. Waste can quickly back-up into your tub or shower and even your sinks. Overflowing water and waste into your home can cause damage to floors and sub-floors requiring extensive repair. Call Arrow Property Services as soon as you notice a problem.

What are easy tips to avoid clogged toilets?

  • Many clogs are caused by putting too much toilet paper into the bowl.
  • Be aware of how much toilet paper your toilet can efficiently rid the bowl of per flush.
  • Never place any paper product into the toilet bowl other than toilet paper.
  • Paper towels can quickly stop up the toilet drain line or cause a clog further down the drainpipe.
  • Feminine hygiene products should be disposed of in the trash and never in the toilet.
  • Keep small objects away from the toilet bowl. If something is dropped into the bowl, never try to flush it down as this can quickly cause a clog.
  • Make sure your toilet is supplying an adequate amount of water to evacuate the bowl fully and clear the drain.