Washer & Dryer Hookup

Arrow Property Services provides professional washer and dryer installation and hookup services to homeowners in Ottawa and the surrounding areas. Nearly every home has a place for a washer and dryer hookup. However, if you don’t buy a washer and dryer at a shop that provides installation, or if you bought your washer and dryer from an individual, you have to figure out how to set up the washer and dryer. It’s important to have a professional electrician take care of your washer/dryer installation for you since it will involve electricity. The new installation may even require a wiring replacement or new outlet installation.

Washer and Dryer Installation

To start the washer and dryer installation process, we will shut off all circuits prior to starting.

We’ll very carefully examine your wash area to determine what types of connections can be found. Usually there are electrical or gas hookups. Electric is the most popular. We’ll be sure that there are 2 water lines (1 for hot, 1 for cold), a discharge pipe, a 4-foot dryer vent to the outside, and also a 220v outlet. Also, we will be sure the amperage available fits the dryer that you are wanting to use; 30, 40, and 50 amp are the most popular. However, a 30 won’t fit into a 50, and so forth. The circuit number will be noted on the electric service panel, as well as on the inside or back of your dryer. Additionally, we’ll be sure there’s adequate room for your washer and dryer to fit.

Arrow Property Services provides expert washer and dryer hookup installation services to Ottawa and surrounding areas. Contact us today to set up an appointment.
Next, we will find the hot and cold hoses connected to the back of the washer. They appear like black hoses. Generally they are noted “H” and “C” at the ends of the washer. Two male connectors are at the rear of the washer. We’ll place a rubber washer on both of the ends of the hoses and screw into the matching hot or cold parts on the washer.

Then, we’ll line the washer up near to the water connectors, but far enough away to still get behind it. Our electricians will attach the corresponding hot and cold hoses to the correct sockets on the wall, adding a rubber washer to the interior of each. Next, we will connect the drain hose to the washer in a “U” shape and fasten it to the discharge pipe. We’ll plug the washer’s plug into the 220v outlet. Next, we will push the washer into position, being careful not to kink the lines.

Separate Meter for Tenants

Successful landlords have separate meters for each of their tenants. Contact Arrow Property Services if you would like to separate your meters for your tenants.