To many consumers, home theater wiring may be a mind boggling concept. Arrow Property Services offers professional home theater wiring services to homeowners in Ottawa and the surrounding areas. Sadly for some, it may also be budget draining if you pick an electrician who charges a hefty price for installation. So it comes as no real shock that the typical consumer would try to look for ways to save any money they are able to, primarily by trying home theater wiring on their own. However, this isn’t a great idea because electricity is involved. You may also require some wiring replacement to be performed or even wiring relocation.

New construction houses are noticing a lot more than just having electrical wiring ran. Surround sound wiring as well as pre-wiring for a HDTV above the fireplace are popular now. It is a great addition to your house during building or renovation for instant or future use and generally provides resell value to the property. Who wouldn’t want the experience of theater quality sound in their house? Our electricians can install new construction home theater wiring, and we can also install wiring in an already built home.