With the popularity of electric vehicles (EVs) and Plug-in Hybrid Vehicles (PIVs), cities like Ottawa, and many business have responded by installing vehicle charging stations in public and private parking areas which practically double the driving range. Arrow Property Services has installed many of these charging stations since its inception. To encourage these efficient and clean modes of transportation, the government of Canada offers generous financial incentives for certain types of charging stations. Further information about this is available from their website. If you are planning to purchase an Electric car or PIV in the near future, please contact Arrow Property Services at 613-489-3652 for more details about charging stations for your home or business. In the next ten years, EVs and PIVs could represent at least 20% of all domestic transportation. With continuing breakthroughs in battery and capacitor technology such as displayed in the Tesla cars, it is actually possible that we’ll see gas and diesel powered vehicles disappear completely.