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24-Hour Emergency Electrical Service

24-Hour Emergency Electrical Service

Our electricians are…

  • Clean, courteous, professional, and punctual
  • Knowledgeable and experienced
  • Trained to handle any electrical issue or problem
  • Accurate and efficient troubleshooters that can save you time and money
  • Equipped with the latest diagnostic tools and parts
  • Skilled in residential, commercial and industrial services

No matter what time, day or night, Arrow Property Services maintains a fleet of fully stocked vehicles.We pride ourselves on being ready to respond swiftly to any emergency that may arise. Our quick response and troubleshooting skills are a trademark of Arrow Property Services.

Our service department is staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our answering service is operational after hours and will issue a service request to an electrician immediately after the call is complete. We specialize in everything from small emergency service calls to major emergency response situations, including emergency temporary repairs and permanent wiring.

If you need emergency electrical service in Ottawa, don’t wait—call Arrow Property Services today at 613-489-3652 or click here!

Why Call Arrow Property Services?

The ability to troubleshoot is not easily taught in a classroom setting and is developed from years of hands on experience in the trade. Our electricians and master electricians have years of service experience from industrial and commercial to residential. They have the ability to work under the extreme pressure that may arise during disaster recovery.

The valuable advantages we can offer you are great service, high-quality products, and experienced workers at a competitive price.

Air Conditioning and Heating

Arrow Property Services provides expert air conditioner and heater wiring services to customers in the Ottawa and the surrounding areas. All HVAC equipment is specially-designed to be protected with fuses and or circuit breakers which are sized to handle the “amp” draw of a normally functioning piece of equipment, and that’s why your A/C and heating wiring is so important. The fuse and wiring size of your HVAC unit is specific to each unit and rarely the same between manufacturers so it is important for a professional to perform the installation. An incorrectly sized wiring job and/or fuses or breakers might lead to equipment failure or even a fire! This could result in you requiring wiring repair or even replacement which is why it’s important to leave all HVAC wiring to the experts at Arrow Property Services.

A/C and Heating Installation

Whether you are in the process of building a home, or your existing home is in need of A/C and heating installation, our licensed electricians are here to help you. With numerous years of experience working in the industry, we guarantee you will be pleased with their thorough, knowledgeable, and professional nature.

Aluminum Wiring Replacement

Safety Concerns with Aluminum Wire

For a long time, large-gauge aluminum wire has been used very successfully for power transmission lines. Because it is much lighter than copper, it is also used for wiring in many types of aircraft. Since aluminum already had been used successfully in aviation and by power companies, it became a popular alternative to copper when copper prices began soaring in the mid-sixties. At that time, aluminum was thought to be a perfect solution, and aluminum producers began manufacturing large amounts of small-gauge aluminum wire, as they saw huge potential for profits in this market.

In time however, problems with aluminum wiring began to surface. Although many new homes in the sixties and seventies were wired with aluminum, they still contained copper, brass, and steel parts in lamps, switches, outlets, breaker boxes and other components. At the points where these metals were connected with aluminum, symptoms related to a condition known as “dissimilar metals” began to appear. Scientists had long known that when you place two different metals in contact with each other, small electrical currents are produced. Over time, these currents can cause something known as “galvanic corrosion” which eats away the metal at these connections. Galvanic corrosion became particularly evident when aluminum wire was present. Corrosion led to arcing, and this arcing was sometimes known to produce fires. As more and more people became aware of these hazards, aluminum wiring fell out of favor.

In response, government agencies changed their electrical codes, preventing the installation of aluminum wiring in homes and commercial buildings. Around the same time, insurance companies began raising their rates for buildings with aluminum wiring, and some insurance providers stopped insuring these homes and buildings altogether. Aluminum safety and insurance issues became a great concern for many homeowners who couldn’t afford the expense of completely rewiring their homes. The scope of these problems influenced new research, and fortunately, some viable solutions were produced. Of greatest importance is the identification of aluminum wiring. If you think this may be a problem in your home or building, we’ll be happy to provide a professional inspection. If aluminum wiring is present, we will explain all the options available, and provide a bid.

Ceiling Fan and Chandelier

Arrow Property Services offers homeowners professional ceiling fan wiring and installation services in Ottawa and the surrounding areas. With regards to ceiling fan wiring and installation, a homeowner will require the technical knowledge and skills of an electrician. If there is any kind of installation involving electrical power, there’s a risk to people who are unskilled or inexperienced.

Even though homeowners can handle numerous do-it-yourself projects, ceiling fan installation is a more complex task. The process calls for knowledge of electrical wiring as well as knowledge of how to correctly mount and secure a heavy object. These are reasons why a certified and licensed electrician must do this kind of installation. You may require wiring relocation or even potentially wiring replacement.

Ceiling Fan Installation

The first step a ceiling fan installation electrician will take to putting in a ceiling fan is deciding on the best kind of electrical box. Good performance is dependent upon appropriate installation. Proper installation begins with installation of the electrical box which houses all the wiring required to run a ceiling fan. The electrician will figure out if the current electrical box is sufficient for the wiring or requires replacement to support a brand new fan.

Appropriately wiring all the components is the next step in ceiling fan installation. There are numerous home-based accidents involving people getting hurt during appliance installation since they’re not really acquainted with wiring. Electricity is dangerous and really should be handled with constant respect. An electrician is aware of the power of electricity and has a lot of experience dealing with it in a safe and proper manner.

A lot of homeowners do not know how much weight a ceiling can bear. An electrician can help explain to a homeowner how big a fan should be to keep the ceiling from having too much weight. Also, the electrician is aware of the special kind of ceiling fan bracket which must be used to keep the ceiling fan in position.

When homeowners do attempt to install ceiling fans on their own, the fans are often improperly installed and become wobbly. If a fan is wobbly, then a homeowner must call an electrician right away. Since an electrician comes across this situation a lot, he understands it is necessary to ensure the fan blades are properly aligned and correctly attached. A seasoned electrician can check blade alignment by lightly guiding each blade into its proper position. Electricians also have balancing kits to help correct unbalanced installations.

Because most people are not comfortable dealing with electricity, particularly when it comes to installing new wiring to a power source, as well as slicing and possibly building electrical box mounts, using an electrician is a great choice.

Attic Fan Services

Frequently overlooked, but very important with regards to cooling efficiency, is the attic fan. The attic fan is crucial to maintaining a comfortable temperature in home while also saving you money. Attic fans are a fantastic option if your house is not conducive to installing central air because of to the way it was constructed or the high cost connected to it.

If your Ottawa area home is in need of attic fan installation, repair or maintenance, please contact Arrow Property Services today to learn more about our fan wiring services.

Chandelier Installation

One of the most …

Electrical Panel

Circuit breakers are designed to protect the appliances in your home or building from sudden spikes of electricity. Without circuit breakers, your microwave, dryer, and other appliances could overload and easily overheat or catch fire. The licensed electricians at Arrow Property Services have decades of experience replacing worn circuit breakers and can help keep you safe.

If you suspect your safety is at risk, then don’t wait! Call Arrow Property Services today at 613-489-3652 or click here for circuit breaker repair and replacement services in Ottawa.

When to Call for Circuit Breaker Replacement

Knowing when to call for circuit breaker replacement instead of just resetting the switch can be confusing. In general, you’ll want to call Arrow Property Services when:

  • Your circuit breaker trips constantly, even after being reset
  • The circuit breaker is hot to the touch
  • You can smell burning from the breaker panel
  • You can see visible damage, such as burned metal or frayed wires
  • You can hear buzzing, hissing, or popping noises from the breakers

If you notice any signs of damage on any of the circuit breakers in your home or building, it’s important to call Arrow Property Services as soon as possible. Circuit breakers that are not properly maintained will not be able to protect your home from power surges, and can also develop a severe risk of arcing or faulting. This can result in heat and sparks that can cause fatal electric shocks or electrical fires!

Pay special attention to any low buzzing, hissing, or popping noises coming from any of the breakers. These may indicate an arc fault and are a sure sign you need circuit breaker replacement. If you’re concerned about arc faults, contact us for an electrical inspection. We can also install an interrupter that will shut down the circuit if it detects an arc fault.

What To Do if a Circuit Breaker Constantly Trips

If you have a circuit breaker that constantly trips, you probably have an overloaded circuit. This often happens when appliances that use a lot of energy, including flat screen TVs, hair dryers, and space heaters, are all on the same circuit (even if they’re plugged into different outlets). If you have circuits that are constantly tripping, figure out which outlets they control and move one or more of the devices to a new outlet on a different circuit. If this doesn’t fix the problem, call Arrow Property Services—there’s a chance you have a short or a ground fault.

Double-Tapped Circuit Breakers

One of the most common electrical defects inspectors find in homes and buildings is double tapped circuit breakers. Fortunately, they’re rarely serious and easy to fix! Double tapping refers to when two wires are connected to the same screw or terminal in the electrical panel. Double tapping is fine if the breaker is designed for two wires. It gets to be a problem, however, when the breaker is designed for only one. In this case, the wires could become loose and overheat, arc, and possibly ignite! For peace of mind, call Arrow Property Services for an in-home inspection of your electrical panel and to detect and resolve any unsafe issues.

ESA Inspections

ESA is a not-for-profit self-funded organization. As a result, ESA charges for inspection and other services. Revenues from the provision of services are directed at covering ESA’s operating expenses and supporting public electrical safety education.

Electrical Vehicle Charging Station

With the popularity of electric vehicles (EVs) and Plug-in Hybrid Vehicles (PIVs), cities like Austin, and many business have responded by installing vehicle charging stations in public and private parking areas which practically double the driving range. Arrow Property Services has installed many of these charging stations since its inception. To encourage these efficient and clean modes of transportation, Austin Energy offers generous financial incentives for certain types of charging stations. Further information about this is available from their website. If you are planning to purchase an Electric car or PIV in the near future, please contact Arrow Property Services at 613-489-3652 for more details about charging stations for your home or business. In the next ten years, EVs and PIVs could represent at least 10% of all domestic transportation. With continuing breakthroughs in battery and capacitor technology, it is actually possible that we’ll see gas and diesel powered vehicles disappear completely.

GCFI (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter)

One of the most important safety devices used in modern wiring is the GFCI, also known as an RCD (residual current device), but perhaps most commonly known as a GFI (ground fault interrupter). Typically, these are built into electrical outlets, and are most commonly located in bed-rooms, kitchens, laundry rooms, and bathrooms where most electrical shocks occur. It’s also a good idea to locate these in outdoor porch and patio outlets, and in workshops and garages. The safest possible use of GFCIs involves installing one for every circuit in a building. Then, a GFCI will provide protection for ground shorts occurring anywhere in that building. GFCIs are also built into the cords of hairdryers, and other electrical appliances and tools which are used near water. Before GFCI installation became law for new homes and new hairdryers, scores of deaths occurred in the U.S. after hairdryers were dropped into sinks or tubs full of water, and people reached in to retrieve them. These deaths still occur, because many older homes have not been updated with GFCIs, and many older model hairdryers are still in use. However, newer hair-dryers have been saving lives, and GFCIs located in outlets are saving lives when accidents occur with older hairdryers.

Although most of us are familiar with GFCIs and their identifying buttons, it’s a good idea to understand how these work. Let’s use the hairdryer accident as an example. First of all, without a GFCI, when an older style hairdryer is dropped into a sink full of water, the electrical current becomes shorted to ground from the live wires inside the dryer. When this happens, high voltage electricity is flowing out of the hair dryer and through the water to ground, typically through a metal drain. Next, imagine that someone with wet feet standing on a wet floor, or in a bathtub full of water reaches down and grabs the hairdryer. The electricity now begins flowing through that person’s body to the floor, which acts as a ground. Technically, the electricity flows from ground to the hot electrical contacts in the hairdryer, but it’s helpful to think of the hairdryer as the source. An electrical shock from household current can cause death when a victim’s heart is stopped by this shock. Although it may seem foolish to grab a wet hairdryer from a sink, this usually happens as a quick reflexive action, before anyone can imagine the consequences.

Now, let’s see what happens with the same hairdryer accident when a GFCI exists in the hair-dryer’s cord, or in the electrical outlet. As soon as water enters the hairdryer and the electricity is shorted to ground, the GFCI detects the short, and turns off (interrupts) the electrical current. This happens extremely fast, usually in about 25 thousandths of a second (25 ms). So, long be-fore anyone’s hand can touch the water, the flow of electricity has been stopped.

Of course, a wet hairdryer is only one of many possible ways in which dangerous electrical shorts can occur. Frayed or cut electrical cords, old and cracked insulation, worn out switches and outlets, and a host of other conditions can cause shorts resulting in electrical fires and accidental electrocutions. In fact, over 10,000 electrical fires occur in Canada every year. In addition, many unnecessary deaths occur from these fires and electrical shocks. This is why in-stalling GFIs in every circuit is so important. If you are unsure if the wiring in your home or business has sufficient GFI protection, call a qualified electrician and schedule a safety inspection as soon as possible. If you live in Ottawa and the surrounding area and would like to schedule an inspection by one of our licensed electricians, please call Arrow Property Services at 613-489-3652.

Home Theater Wiring

To many consumers, home theater wiring may be a mind boggling concept. Arrow Property Services offers professional home theater wiring services to homeowners in Ottawa and the surrounding areas. Sadly for some, it may also be budget draining if you pick an electrician who charges a hefty price for installation. So it comes as no real shock that the typical consumer would try to look for ways to save any money they are able to, primarily by trying home theater wiring on their own. However, this isn’t a great idea because electricity is involved. You may also require some wiring replacement to be performed or even wiring relocation.

New construction houses are noticing a lot more than just having electrical wiring ran. Surround sound wiring as well as pre-wiring for a HDTV above the fireplace are popular now. It is a great addition to your house during building or renovation for instant or future use and generally provides resell value to the property. Who wouldn’t want the experience of theater quality sound in their house? Our electricians can install new construction home theater wiring, and we can also install wiring in an already built home.

Hot Tub Wiring

Relaxing in your hot tub or pool is among the best parts of summer, but whenever you are having issues with your hot tub orpool wiring, you are unable to enjoy them! This is why the experts at Dunman Electric offer professional pool wiring services to the Austin, Round Rock, Georgetown, and San Marcos ares. Be sure you don’t need to suffer in the heat by repairing your pool pump, hot tub wiring, or spa wire problems before they develop into big problems!

With regards to keeping your hot tub, spa, and pool in good working shape, you need to leave it to professionals. Particularly when you’re having wiring problems, you need to call the professionals. The possibly lethal mixture of electricity and water simply isn’t worth it. The good thing is that your local residential electrician has the skills and knowledge to take care of your pool or hot tub related wiring problems to get you back in the water ASAP.

Pool Electrician

An experienced pool electrician can effectively troubleshoot your hot tub or pool wiring problems to adequately diagnose the problem. And, in contrast to amateur repairs, the professionals won’t cause harm to your hot tub or void the manufacturer’s warranty. On top of that, they’ve got the experience and training to safely fix your pool or hot tub without electrocuting themselves! When you’ve got hot tub wiring needs, let your electrician get your hot tub or spa in great working order very quickly.

In fact, having an electrician install your hot tub or pool wiring to begin with is an excellent way to aid the prevention of future problems. Of course, regardless of the expert installation, malfunctions can and do come about. But if you have a professional set up your hot tub, you steer clear of DIY blunders like an incorrectly installed disconnect switch.

Also, our pool wiring experts can install a pool control panel for you to be able to control all aspects of your pool. You can control the heater, pump speeds, lighting, and much more!

Pool Lighting

Our pool lighting experts can install fiber optic lighting around your pool. The great thing about fiber optic pool lighting is that you never have to worry about electric shock. There isn’t any electrical wiring near the pool itself, only light. You have the ability to change the colors of your pool lighting with the use of a remote control!

Hot Tub Wiring

Our pool professionals also offer hot tub wiring in the Austin area. We can be sure you have the necessary permits to have a hot tub installed on your property. When you do, we will be sure that your hot tub is installed quickly and without much mess or disruption to your daily life.

From pool lighting wiring to hot tub installation, a professional electrician has the skills and hands-on knowledge to deal with your pool wiring problems! Choosing a licensed, insured electrician is the greatest way to make sure you’re getting a skilled professional for your hot tub repair or installation. So if you’re experiencing electrical problems with your pool or spa this summer, contact Dunman Electric to get them resolved.

Landscape Lighting and Wiring

Arrow Property Services offers expert landscape lighting wiring solutions to homeowners in Austin, Round Rock, Georgetown, San Marcos and nearby areas. The processes which are used when adding landscape lighting to your house are essential to the functionality and longevity of the product. Top quality installation means that your lighting will not fail either in the short term or the long term. It is important to have an expert perform outdoor lighting wiring as you may need wiring replacement or even circuit breaker replacement.

One essential factor of landscape lighting installation is the wiring method. Knowing the different wiring choices available will provide you with better insight into your outdoor lightingproject.

Daisy Chain Wiring

The daisy chain wiring configuration is among the most common wiring methods, because of its simplicity. However, with greater ease comes reduced voltage. On a daisy chain, the very first light receives more energy and is therefore brighter compared to the last light. This may lead to a home which has brighter lights on one side, say by the entry door, than on the other side, in front of the garage. If you’re running a daisy chain a small distance, the difference in brightness is not very obvious, if at all. But the longer the wire runs the more obvious the difference becomes.

The T-wiring system gets its name simply because of its appearance, which appears to be a “T.” It is shaped this way because the main wire is run to the center of the fixture it powers, in hopes of controlling the voltage drop. This provides for more uniform brightness than the daisy chain wiring technique.

Hub System Wiring

Hub system wiring is commonly recognized as the best mixture of efficiency, longevity, and brightness. With the hub system, each and every fixture comes with 15 to 20 inches of wire, and then the main wire is run towards the center of the fixture. All the wires on the fixtures run to the main wire, just like the spokes on a bike tire. For every “hub” there are two to four fixtures connected. This system cuts down on the number of connections and thus the number of issues you might come across. The additional wires used in this technique may be run through pipes or hidden underneath the ground.

Outdoor Lighting

Landscape and outdoor lighting provide fantastic ways to improve the beauty of the outside of your home. Outdoor lighting can significantly enhance the curb appeal of your home during the evening hours.  Landscape and outdoor lighting can also improve security around your home by getting rid of the dark areas that attract intruders.

  • Light up trees, shrubs, or flowers
  • Light the front of your home
  • Light up a sidewalk or set of stairs
  • Light up a certain feature of your home
  • Light up a garden
  • Light up the pool area or decking

Call Arrow Property Services today for more information on landscape lighting and exterior lighting for your home in the Ottawa area.

Lighting Installation

Here at Arrow Property Services, we are licensed electricians that are dedicated to helping our customers achieve professional indoor and outdoor lighting in Ottawa that will not only provide function but provides aesthetic value to your home. No matter what kind of lighting installation or commercial lighting you need, you can feel confident knowing that it is in good hands with our electricians. There are a wide variety of lighting options and lighting fixtures some of which include recessed lights, track lighting, kitchen lighting, LED lights, landscape lighting, security lighting, and much more.

Arrow Property Services guarantees that you will receive the best lighting installation services available. You can count on our electrician in Ottawa to treat your home and possessions with the utmost care and respect when performing your lighting installation. Contact us today and find out how our professional lighting installation can benefit your home.

Your Ottawa Lighting Installation includes:

  • Lighting Installation
  • Landscape Lighting
  • Security Lighting
  • Light Fixtures
  • Home Lighting
  • Pool Lighting
  • Light Installation
  • Ottawa Outdoor Lighting
  • Track Lighting
  • Indoor Lighting
  • Lighting Fixtures
  • Recessed Lighting
  • Ceiling Fan Lights
  • Under Counter Lighting

Parking Lot and Street Lighting

Parking lot lighting, signs, ground lights, under-canopy and façade lighting affect how your potential customers see your business. A well lit facility will attract customers and potentially increase revenue. By contrast, a poorly lit facility will impact consumer’s overall feelings of safety, deterring them from visiting at night and potentially costing you good customers!

Parking lot lighting is crucial for condos, apartment complexes and other residential buildings where there is over night parking. The number one crime prevention method is to deter it and proper lighting is a major deterrent from vandalism and theft. Keep your assets or your tenants assets safe to ensure that your buildings insurance premiums doesn’t increase due to crime.

At Arrow Property Services,  we are a Canadian Dealer for the the best backed LED lights available and a team of electricians dedicated to making sure your parking lot lighting is burning brightly so your business will be safe and well lit night and day. Many property managers hire full-time staff to manage security and parking lot lighting. Instead, save money with a parking lot lighting service contract from Arrow Property Services!

If you need Parking Lot or Street Lighting in Ottawa, don’t wait—call Arrow Property Services today at 613-489-3652 or click here!

Our Parking Lot Lighting Services

Whether you think about it every day or not, your parking lot lighting is one of the most important aspects of your building, especially when it comes to the safety of your customers and employees. At Arrow Property Services, we are committed to making sure your parking lot is well lit every night. Our parking lot lighting services include:

  • Comprehensive service from one of our fully vehicles
  • Timely repair of parking lot lighting outages
  • Properly burning parking lot lighting and signage

We also offer parking lot lighting service contracts so you can count on us for your lighting needs without having to think about it!

Professional Theatrical Lighting

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Rental Tenant Fit-ups

Washer & Dryer Hookup

Dunman Electric provides professional washer and dryer installation and hookup services to homeowners in Austin, Round Rock, Georgetown, and San Marcos. Nearly every home has a place for a washer and dryer hookup. However, if you don’t buy a washer and dryer at a shop that provides installation, or if you bought your washer and dryer from an individual, you have to figure out how to set up the washer and dryer. It’s important to have a professional electrician take care of your washer/dryer installation for you since it will involve electricity. The new installation may even require a wiring replacement or new outlet installation.

Washer and Dryer Installation

To start the washer and dryer installation process, we will shut off all circuits prior to starting.

We’ll very carefully examine your wash area to determine what types of connections can be found. Usually there are electrical or gas hookups. Electric is the most popular. We’ll be sure that there are 2 water lines (1 for hot, 1 for cold), a discharge pipe, a 4-foot dryer vent to the outside, and also a 220v outlet. Also, we will be sure the amperage available fits the dryer that you are wanting to use; 30, 40, and 50 amp are the most popular. However, a 30 won’t fit into a 50, and so forth. The circuit number will be noted on the electric service panel, as well as on the inside or back of your dryer. Additionally, we’ll be sure there’s adequate room for your washer and dryer to fit.

Arrow Property Services provides expert washer and dryer hookup installation services to Ottawa and surrounding areas. Contact us today to set up an appointment.
Next, we will find the hot and cold hoses connected to the back of the washer. They appear like black hoses. Generally they are noted “H” and “C” at the ends of the washer. Two male connectors are at the rear of the washer. We’ll place a rubber washer on both of the ends of the hoses and screw into the matching hot or cold parts on the washer.

Then, we’ll line the washer up near to the water connectors, but far enough away to still get behind it. Our electricians will attach the corresponding hot and cold hoses to the correct sockets on the wall, adding a rubber washer to the interior of each. Next, we will connect the drain hose to the washer in a “U” shape and fasten it to the discharge pipe. We’ll plug the washer’s plug into the 220v outlet. Next, we will push the washer into position, being careful not to kink the lines.

Separate Meter for Tenants

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Specialized LED Lighting

Arrow Property Services is the exclusive Canadian dealer for the best LED lights with the best backed warranty available in the world!

Benefits of LED Lighting

The biggest benefits of LED bulbs are their long life and lasting energy efficiency. LED lights use 85 percent less energy than traditional incandescent bulbs and 50 percent less than even high-efficiency CFL.

LED lights can also be used with dimmer switches, increasing energy savings while allowing you to adjust the mood and ambiance in your rooms.

We are equipped with LED lighting for every need imaginable get the job done, to help push sales or simply around your home. This includes

  • LED Retail Store Lighting
  • Office Space Lighting
  • Ambient LED Lighting
  • Accent LED Lighting
  • LED Street Lighing
  • Shop or Aircraft Hanger LED Lighting

If you need LED lighting in Ottawa, don’t wait—call Arrow Property Services today at 613-489-3652 or click here!

Wire Relocation or Addition

Wiring Relocation

Arrow Property Services offers expert wiring relocation services to customers in Ottawa and nearby areas. You might have a number of reasons for wanting to take on wiring relocation in your house, including for remodeling reasons or if a switch or outlet is in an inconvenient place. Outlets are frequently relocated whenever bathrooms and kitchen areas are remodeled or when an addition is constructed. Relocating the wiring of outlets and switches can be carried out without difficulty during a remodeling project.

We’ll start by marking the new place for the outlet or switch and use a drywall saw to cut the opening. Next, we will switch off the power to the outlet and check to make sure it is off by placing the electrical wire tester into the outlets in the room where we’re doing work. To confirm that the power to the switches is shut off, we’ll take away the switch cover and hold each lead of the tester to a single switch terminal.

Then, we’ll take off the cover from the outlet we’re relocating. Next, we will test the outlet one more time to guarantee the power is off. We will get rid of the plug from the remodel box and take away the wires from the plug.

Next, our certified electricians will run the fish-tape, which is often used as a wire puller, from the new outlet hole we cut to the pre-existing outlet hole. Then, we’ll hook up 14-gauge plastic-sheathed electrical wire to the fish-tape using electrical tape and pull the wire from one outlet to a new one.

At the outlet’s first location, we will thread the old and new electrical wires through the back of a plastic-type remodel box. This box is going to be used as a junction box. Next, we are going to tear the wire’s sheathing down with the wire strippers, and then hammer one insulated metallic staple into the wall stud, attaching the electrical wire just over the box. Our electricians will then put in the remodel boxes while using wall anchor screws. When we tighten down on the screws, the wall anchors will open up and fasten the box to the wall.

We’ll make use of wire nuts to join the wires in the junction box, coordinating the wires by color. Then, we will make use of the screwdriver to put a basic plastic-type cover over the box. The majority of codes require that the junction box have access, so we will not drywall over it. Then, we’ll connect the brand new outlet in the other plastic remodel box by connecting the black wire to the gold screw, the white wire to the silver screw, and also the green wire to the ground screw.

Electrical Outlet Installation

We will complete the new electrical outlet installation by securing the installing anchoring screws to the box. Finally, we’ll turn on the power and check to see if the outlet is functioning. We will be certain to place a cover over the outlet, and we’ll follow the same process to move a switch.

Please contact Arrow Property Services today for more information about wiring relocation for your property in the Ottawa area.

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